It feels great to be back with Scotchy Bourbon Blog, it’s been a while since my last entry but there has been quite a lot going on. Moving to a new state, then finding out my wife is pregnant, and then welcoming that little one into the world all while starting a new job, embarking on a new career and in the process of starting a new business has taken quite a toll on Young Nose. With that said, living in Charleston South Carolina for the past year has been a roller coaster of emotion, and has provided for an opportunity to discover southern living. The warm salty breezes, lively palm trees swaying in the wind, mixed with the smells of baked good, seafood, barbecue and everyone’s favorite fried chicken, along with the growing economy here in the lowcountry is a buzzing little “big city”. Of course part of my touring of the city was to discover the distilleries in the area. There are two located here in Charleston, they are Firefly Distillery and the Charleston Distilling Company.
Firefly was the first distillery to open in Charleston but not only did they operate as a distillery but also had to work with legislation to make distilling affordable in South Carolina. Firefly became popular in the spirits market from its lowcountry Sweet Tea which is their vodka based sweet tea, all the flavor and sweetness you love from a southern sweet tea with a kick of vodka. It’s not hard to believe this became their OG spirit considering the vast appreciation for sweet tea here in the lowcountry. As the distillery grew so did the vast selection of spirits, from Vodka, and Bourbon to Rum and Gin there is something to please every spirit drinker. The distillery offers a free self guided tour of the still, and bottling line, a vast property with many opportunities for photo ops, even a large field with an event stage for hosting concerts this distillery has something for everyone. With special events during the summer and a worthwhile spirit tasting all year long it’s not hard to see why this distillery has grown so much. The bourbon a blend sourced whiskey mixed with their product and aged for 4 years, the end result is a smooth but robust classic bourbon flavor. Because of the booming popularity of bourbon in the area, they have also incorporated their OG sweet tea with their own whiskey distillate which is quite impressive and rounds out the sweet tea sweetness with a bit of spice.
Charleston Distilling Company the second most popular distillery here in the lowcountry is located on John’s Island is also a big player in the spirits game here in Charleston. Originally located in downtown has relocated to their new facility where they pride themselves on making their product, “farm to glass” where they mill, mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle on site. With the 50ft Carl Still from Germany they pump out vast amount of spirits. Some of their products include: White Point Vodka, Carolina Reaper Pepper Vodka, Jaspers Gin, Jasper Bourbon Barrel Gin, Crosstown Rye, Crosstown Rye Wine Barrel Finished, and Vesey’s Bourbon. Charleston Distilling Company is family owned and makes hand crafted spirits for those who care about how tings are made. The best way to know more about them is to visit and chat while enjoying a hand made cocktail in their tasting room.
Charleston is becoming a hot spot for whiskey and bourbon, as the population grows and the bourbon boom explodes these distilleries will only keep adding and improving to their experience and products. Charleston is well known for being one of the top vacation spots on the east coast north of Florida, the next time your in the area you cannot go wrong with either of these distilleries.
Good Bourbon with Good Friends means Great Times! Please drink responsibly and remember to live your life dangerously!