The Best Part About Whiskey

What is the best part about whiskey? I hear this question and variations of this question be asked quite regularly. This question is the best and worst question to ask in any group of whiskey enthusiasts because this is a loaded question waiting to burst open with opinion, facts, and pride. On the other side of this question is a wide range of answers that could lead to debates, which tend to turn into arguments and could ultimately result in the division of certain members of a group or club. Here at the Scotchy Bourbon Boys we like to take this question and flip it on its ear. Instead of asking what the best part about whiskey is, we ask this question. What is your favorite aspect about whiskey? Sounds similar enough to the original question but the simple change in wording now takes away the pride that may swell up inside someone when it starts to be answered and people start expressing their opinions. No longer is it a strict answer of what is right and what is wrong about whiskey, now we have an open discussion about what people enjoy the most about the whiskey that we all love so much!

The Scotchy Bourbon Boys believe that the best part about whiskey is the versatility of answering this question. To each person there may be multiple parts they enjoy equally, or there may be only one specific attribute they enjoy the most, but either way each answer is correct to each person. This is because there are so many different things to love about whiskey it would be a crime to only allow one or two things to be considered as “the best”. So I decided to ask around the group to see what their opinions are. I went to Super Nash, Tine, Roxy, and myself Young Nose and asked the question, what is your favorite aspect about whiskey?

First we will start with Super Nash, his answer to the question, was being able to taste all the different flavors that were retained through out the process. From fermentation, to distillation, to entry into the barrel, through the aging process, and then finally as the end product that goes into the bottle, the exquisite aromas and flavors and not lost but heightened. He also said that he loves the capabilities that each Master Distiller, along with Mother Nature know what to do to capture these incredible flavors!

Next up we have Tiny and Roxy. Their answers to the question were the same, and it may or may not come as a surprise depending on who is reading but their answer to the question actually had nothing to do with the drink itself. Instead their favorite aspect about whiskey is the people involved! The fellowship that is experience when people come together is incredible. Along with all the friendships that we’ve made and the people we’ve been introduced to along the journey of starting The Scotchy Bourbon Boys group is by far the best part about whiskey!

I would definitely agree with Super Nash, Tiny, and Roxy on each of those answers. The amazing flavors and different profiles that come with the many different brands and variations are astonishing. The precision and in-depth understanding that comes along with creating these profiles are impressive to say the least. Also the people that have been involved in this adventure are too a very pleasurable part of whiskey as a whole. Between those we’ve been in the industry, through other enthusiast groups and the casual drinker everybody contributes to this incredible community that encompasses whiskey.

As for me, Young Nose, I asked the question to myself and pondered on the thought for a while. My favorite aspect of whiskey is the comeback that whiskey is making in regards to its reputation. In the past during the times when whiskey, and specifically Bourbon in the United States, was being produced it ended up getting the reputation as the “sinners drink”. Usually in particular from the stereotypical dirty bar scene, or the western saloon in movies and TV shows and the ever popular but very true moonshining era when whiskey production was in fact illegal. Because of the this and many other factors whiskey got a bad rap but I see it making a comeback as an everyday drink, an enjoyable part of the day and something that helps bring people together in respect and in love. This is most noticeable when you go to Kentucky to visit the many different distilleries there.

In conclusion, I’ll ask again, what is the best part of whiskey? The answer to that is deeply personal and any and all answers are correct because there is a reason why each person chooses their answer. When someone asks that question, they are really wanting to know your opinion on the subject, some may have other motives for asking, but if someone starts to argue or debate about why your answer is incorrect just pause, go pour yourselves a delicious glass of whiskey and make a toast together to all that whiskey has to offer. Until next time, Young Nose and the Scotchy Bourbon Boys bid you farewell, drink responsibly, and remember that good whiskey along with good friends means great fellowship!