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The only way to drink Whiskey is the way you like it

Whether you drink Pappy with rootbeer, or sip barrel strength bourbon, The Scotchy Bourbon Boys support you! It is your right as a whiskey consumer to enjoy bourbon any way you like. What matters to us is that your relaxing and loving evey minute of it.

Neat Or ON The Rocks

We like to drink our favorite bourbons neat, with a back splash, or on the rocks


Discover our favorite cocktails and their recipies 


Stories and information from our travels around the country to the different distilleries

Our Story

2 guys started following a daily whiskey calendar.

Live Tasting Events

We Host Live and Virtual Tasting events!

Join The Group 

We meet every 6-8 weeks to taste some of the best whiskeys on the planet.  Join us for a meeting and see if you have what it takes to be a Scotchy Bourbon Boy official member.

                            Whiskey Live

Whiskey Live schedule

Whiskey Live cast

Whiskey Live is a unique opportunity to taste along with any number of The Scotchy Bourbon Boys and Gals via Face Book Live. Grab a bottle of the featured whisky and join the tasting!

Latest From Our Blog

Young Nose Johnson updates you on everything Scotchy Bourbon Boys once a month!

Charleston Distilling Company

It feels great to be back with Scotchy Bourbon Blog, it’s been a while since my last entry but there has been quite a lot going on. Moving to a new state, then finding out my wife is pregnant, and then welcoming that little one into the world all while starting a new...

The Art of Blending

The Art of Blending

The Art of Blending Blended whisky is only a Scotch thing right? After all it says blended malt right on their bottle. To the untrained eye this would appear correct. Many people believe this is a true statement but in fact the majority of whiskies on the shelves...

Why Does Whiskey Age in Oak Barrels?

Why Does Whiskey Age in Oak Barrels?

Why Does Whiskey Age in Oak Barrels Bourbon, Scotch Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, and Japanese Whiskey; what do these types of whiskey have in common? If you answered delicious you are absolutely correct, but that is not the right answer. All of these types of...

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